Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cannon Beach and Seaside Oregon

If you've never been to Cannon Beach, this may seem like an ugly picture to you. The reality, however, is that these rocks are a lot of the draw to this wonderful beach. When the tide is high, these slippery green rocks are covered in water. As the tide goes down, they turn into wonderful pools that trap sea-life to explore! As a kid, I always got excited at the thought of discovering treasures in these tide pools. As an adult I still share that same excitement!

Cannon Beach Oregon Coast Tidepools Haystack Rock Jaime Weatherford

If tide pools, beach treasures, and sea creatures aren't your thing, just a few miles down the road is Seaside, Oregon. Seaside has lots of fun things to do in the very tourist-driven town, as well as relaxing family-friendly beaches. Perfect for flying a kite, making sandcastles, or just relaxing and enjoying the view - it's perfect for all ages!

Seaside Beach Oregon Coast Jaime Weatherford

*Taken on 2 separate days.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Great Wheel in Seattle

Our first stop of the extended vacation was to the Seattle area. My brother and sister-in-law just had their first son, so spending a few days there didn't take a lot of thought. While in Seattle, we decided to spend a little time on the waterfront and saw The Great Wheel for the first time. The weather was perfect, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. From The Great Wheel, we had perfect views of the city, waterfront, and cascades. If you've never been on The Great Wheel, I recommend it; the cars can hold up to 8 people, but we were able to have our own (2 people). Also a nice surprise - the cars are air conditioned! The only downside is that there is a slight glare when trying to take pictures, but really that just means that you should put down the camera and enjoy the view for what it is!

Seattle Washington Waterfront Great Wheel View Jaime Weatherford

Friday, September 14, 2012

Cannon Beach Haystack Rock

I've been on vacation for about a week and a half, and haven't really taken many pictures. We're on our last day of vacation, and ended up at Cannon Beach. When the tide went out, we went out to check the tide pools near Haystack Rock. If you've ever been there, you know that there is an abundance of starfish, sea anemones, and if you're lucky sand dollars (I only found one). It has been overcast and foggy along the beach today, but I won't let that ruin the last day of vacation!

Cannon Beach Haystack rock starfish oregon coast tidepools Jaime Weatherford