Saturday, December 17, 2011

Outside the Window

I've been seeing these birds more and more outside my window, and finally decided to snap a picture. The vivid blue color is stunning.
Jaime Weatherford Awbrey Butte Bend Oregon


  1. Where have you been hiding this talent? Are your photographs on display here in Bend? Really ... I haven't seen anything this spectacular in a long time. I write two blogs and would love to feature you on one of them. Please let me know if that is OK ... I would direct folks to your photos. These works of art should be experienced by the world! (I stumbled onto your blog while searching for images of Greg Congleton's sculpture!)

  2. Hi Helen, thank you for the kind words! I don't have anything on display in Bend; I'm fairly new to photography and started this blog hoping to get a little feedback. It is absolutely OK with me if you feature me/my photos on your blog!

  3. Well then, stay tuned. I will use Living Boldly to post. Poetry Matters is basically just that, poetry .. or my feeble attempt at it. I love the photo of last night's sunset. From the window of my town home loft the sky was pink and lavender. I tried taking a picture through the window I wanted to capture it so badly. I did end up down at the Congleton sculpture yesterday afternoon. My photos don't even compare with yours!