Saturday, January 5, 2013

Unknown Couple

I'm not usually one to photograph people (not my comfort zone), but sometimes they fit into whatever I am trying to photograph very well. This is not a recent picture, but I was combing over my external hard drive and opened this up. This was taken in the Old Mill, sometime in September 2011. I really wish I knew who this couple was. The sunset was beautiful, and they seemed to be just enjoying each other and nature. Is it the best photo, probably not; but it's a very honest, candid moment that they might appreciate. Bend has so many visitors that come and go, but if anyone knows this couple let me know. Maybe they'd like a copy of this picture (full size, unmarked copy). I know it's a long shot, and very unlikely (especially with it being a shot without faces)...but there's more of a chance than if I don't post/ask at all.
Bend Oregon unknown couple Old Mill District Jaime Weatherford

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  1. This is incredibly sweet ... senior citizens who still hold each other, appreciate the beauty in our world, in our city. I would like to know them.