Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunset Over Crater Lake - Mt Scott

With an extended weekend, it seemed like the perfect time to visit Crater Lake! Less than 2 hours South of Bend, Crater Lake seemed like the perfect place to spend a little time to enjoy nature (more on that in a later post).
We did a little research before driving out, and found out that Mt. Scott is the highest point in the park, and has a great view of Crater Lake. That sounded like the perfect place to be at sunset!
I called Crater Lake ahead of time and was told the trail was closed due to snow still being on the trail...that is a lie. There were 2 very tiny mounds of snow that you could easily either walk around, or take a step over (by the time you read this, they'll probably be gone). The hike is 2.5 miles each way and rated as strenuous (personally, I don't think it deserves that difficulty rating).
We got up there about 35 minutes before sunset, and had the place to ourselves! It was so peaceful watching the setting sun without any distraction.
The sky was still a beautiful orange color as we made our way down the hiking path, only really getting dark as we got in the car. Perfect timing!
Mt Scott sunset hike crater lake national park southern oregon summer hiking Jaime Weatherford

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  1. I was just getting ready to email you ... may I use (with credit of course) the Jupiter photograph in a poem I want to post.

    Believe it or not, I haven't gotten down to Crater Lake ... bad me!!!

  2. Absolutely!
    This was my first time there. I had heard so many good things about Crater Lake, but had never taken the time to drive down and enjoy it until now!