Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Paulina Peak - Newberry Caldera

Although the Paulina Peak trail is still closed, the ranger said we could still hike if we wanted to. Warning of steep areas covered in snow, she said we would be one of the first this year to hike to the top! Sparing you all the details, I'll just say she was right - it was an extremely challenging trail, but the reward we got was worth it! Paulina Lake had a mesmerizing shade of blue, almost looking tropical. Don't let the photo fool you, though. That water is cold! When the snow melts and the trail officially opens, I'm definitely planning on going up again.
For any non-hikers, you can see this view for yourself, too! The viewpoint is accessible by car, and you can drive right to the top. However, you'll have to wait for the road to open, because right now that is covered in snow and closed for the season.

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  1. Spectacular shot, Jaime!!!

  2. Thank you! It was so beautiful and peaceful up there.