Tuesday, May 14, 2013

View from Black Butte

Now that Spring/Summer weather is starting to show its face in Central Oregon, it's time for me to go explore! Last weekend I hiked up Black Butte. If you're in the area and never been, I recommend it! It's a bit tough at places, but bring plenty of water (and a camera), and take breaks if needed. You won't regret it, the views are amazing! Here is one of the wonderful views from about midway up Black Butte:
Bend Oregon Sisters Oregon hike black butte trail black butte hike view Jaime Weatherford

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  1. Breathtaking .. did you make it to the top of the butte?

  2. I did! The views from the top are gorgeous, and I love the fire lookouts (both the tower and the old cupola-style fire lookout)!

  3. I would love to attempt the trek up ... do you think my 71-year old body will make it?

  4. I think so! We hiked it on Sunday, and saw people of all ages and fitness levels on the trail. I saw quite a few people with hiking poles, so I'm sure those would help if you have knee issues. Other than that, all you need is water and time! :)