Monday, June 10, 2013

Mount Bachelor Hike

Do you live in Central Oregon and ski/snowboard? If so, you've probably been to Mt Bachelor. Maybe you have even taken the Summit lift to the top and enjoyed the view. I, however, do not ski or snowboard, and had never had the pleasure of enjoying the panorama from this Central Oregon treasure.  On Sunday that changed. Ski season is over, so it seemed like the perfect time to hike to the top of Mount Bachelor! We stopped in to Pine Mountain Sports and rented a set of snow trekking poles (only $5 for the whole day!), since the mountain is still covered in snow, and headed up to the mountain. From the parking area, Mt Bachelor does not seem intimidating - but the 2.5 mile hike, and 2500 foot elevation gain was not exactly what I would call easy!
I can see why people love this mountain, and am a bit jealous of those who call Bachelor home on the weekends during ski season.

Mt Bachelor Hike Bend Oregon Central Oregon hike Mt bachelor summit three sisters pine marten lodge summer hiking Jaime Weatherford

Above - near the top of Bachelor. Beautiful view, but it gets better!(see how steep the hike is??)

Mt Bachelor Hike Bend Oregon Central Oregon hike Mt bachelor summit pine marten lodge summer hiking three sisters Jaime Weatherford

Taken from Mt Bachelor's "true summit". Although the mountains look small/far away, that's just because of the panoramic viewpoint. In reality they are HUGE and look so close!

*If snow hiking is not your thing, the snow will eventually melt. According to Mt Bachelor's website, you can buy a chairlift ticket (adult $17/seniors $14) starting July 4th, which will take you about half way up. From there you can either hike to the top, play disk golf, eat a meal at Pine Marten Lodge, or just enjoy the beautiful views!

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  1. My grandson, almost 17, is one of those folks you feel a twinge of jealousy about ~~ spending every weekend on the mountain. He and his friends will also hike up, with gear ... and ski down throughout much of the summer ... as long as there is snow! I did the chair lift thing last summer and plan to do it again this year .. amazing views, YES.

  2. That's great! As beautiful as the hike is, I think if I go up again I'll wait until later in the Summer...the views will look completely different with much of the snow gone!