Monday, June 24, 2013

Tam McArthur Rim Trail

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This weekend we took advantage of the only nice day (Saturday), and hiked up the Tam McArthur Rim trail. We saw reports of snow on the trail, so I wasn't really sure how difficult the hike was going to be. As you drive up to Three Creeks Lake, you see the rim, almost majestic over the water, with mountains in the background. Yes there was snow, but it didn't look too intimidating! The first mile or so on the trail is bare and in perfect condition. There are some down trees that block the path in a few areas, but nothing you can't easily climb over or go around.

Three Creeks lake tam mcarthur rim hike Bend Oregon Central Oregon  summer hiking Jaime Weatherford

The last mile and a half is a bit trickier. The snow starts out minimal, but soon the trail is completely covered and you're essentially on your own to figure out which way to go. The trick is this: Although the trail is lost, the goal is to get up to the top area of the rim. As long as you follow around the rim, you should get to your destination.

Tam McArthur Rim hike sisters wilderness Bend Oregon Central Oregon  summer hiking Jaime Weatherford

The best viewing point on the rim! Broken top and the Three Sisters Mountains.
We hiked up a bit further to see if the view got getter, or to see if Broken Top was more visible, but this ended up being the best! It might not look like much, but the mountains look so close and huge, and the cliff/slope with the snow on it is really breathtaking! To the right is also two lakes (Three Creeks Lake and Little Three Creeks Lake). Beauty really surrounds you, and personally I think the snow adds to that!
If you're feeling adventurous, this hike is very do-able right now, or wait for the snow to melt. Both will end with amazing panoramic views!

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  1. LOVE your sense of adventure and the gift gorgeous scenery in your photos.