Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beautiful Sunset

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but I hate how early it gets dark now. It usually catches me completely off guard now, and I have to scramble to grab my camera (if I think it's worth it). Today I looked outside as it was getting dark, and thought there might be potential. I stood on our deck with a mug of peppermint hot cocoa, just waiting for some colors to appear. Just as I was giving up and going inside, I saw it. Where I was looking had gotten dark, but behind me there were beautiful colors above the neighborhood. I rushed inside, put on some shoes and scampered out to the street. I'm sure there's a lesson involved in that somewhere, but for now I'll just post the picture.
Awbrey Butte Bend oregon sunset Jaime Weatherford


  1. I watched the planes all afternoon spraying until the whole western sky was filled in.

  2. Thanks! I was happy that I didn't completely miss it. I absolutely love Central Oregon sunsets!