Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Electric Avenue

I've lived in Bend for almost 2 years now, but truth be told I don't explore as much as I should/like to. I usually drive the same roads, walk to the same places, and miss out on everything else. Yesterday was overcast, a bit rainy, yet for some reason I felt like getting out of the house and taking a few pictures. I had heard there was a wall that people create chalk art on in one of the Alleys, so I went searching for that. Well, chalk washes away so I was out of luck on a rainy day. As I was leaving the Alley I spotted the "Electric Avenue" painted sign and felt the need to take a picture (as I was singing Electric Avenue in my head). As I was taking pictures, a man stepped out of his car and asked if I liked his sign - turns out he is the owner of Let It Ride "Electric" Bike Tours of Bend, Oregon. He opened up his shop and told me all about electric bikes (I seriously had no idea such a thing existed) and the business. Maybe this will encourage me to get out and explore more, who knows what else I'm missing in this great town.

Electric Avenue Let It Ride


  1. Great shot! (maybe you will even go for one of those rides?) When I lived in Orlando I was a short walk away from my daughter and grandchildren ... A fence enclosing their pool and back yard faced the street connecting our homes .... so, I had a license plate size sign made that read 'Woonie Way' and added an arrow pointing down the street to my house ... The kids loved it! I still have the sign hanging in my garage.

  2. Thanks, Helen! That was a cute idea, I see why the kids would love it!
    I'm definitely looking into the Electric Bike Tours. A perfect time would probably be when my family comes to visit!

  3. Awesome. I've been dreaming of owning an electric bike for years, especially when I was still living surrounded by hills. My mom went on a tour once and she loved it. You can see much more because you'r able to drive faster - which is awesome!

  4. I'm interested in them now, but I'm not sure if I'll look into buying one. It seems like a great concept, and would be perfect for getting around town (while saving money on gas). If only I had a money tree! ;)